This site is dedicated to Tori and everyone who loves her. It should allow all of us to share our feelings for her and our stories about her. We will also enter all updates on Tori's condition and progress to this site. Please feel free to direct others to this site for information on Tori. We thank all of you greatly for your love, prayers, thoughts and support. -- The Schmanski Family

Hairspray dance 2004

Hairspray dance 2004

This was a dance that we did last year called "Hairspray." We always told Tori that she looked like George Washington in these fun wigs!

Gorgeous Tori

Gorgeous Tori


We miss U!

We miss U!

The pink 'We miss U!' sign posted at the window of the dance club.

More new signs posted here.

Saturday, July 2nd - Day 13 update

Our nurse told us today that Tori pretty much slept all night on Friday night. This was very good news and Tori was actually awake today about 80% of the time. Getting her sleep cycles back to normal has been a challenge for us so hopefully we are now on the right path. We were also able to get some more 'smiles on command' from her today which was totally encouraging!! Again, we can't wait until that massive tube is removed from her mouth... It is so very hard for us to be patient with Tori's progress because we want her ALL back right now!! Unfortunately, this will of course not happen and we can't expect to see new and exiting things each day. Patience - patience - patience. Hope - hope - hope. Prayer - prayer - prayer. Not necessarily in that exact order either.

We also met with the Trach surgeon today who analyzed Tori for Tuesday's surgery. He stated that Tori's cough is VERY strong and he actually predicted that Tori would eventually gain control of her upper respitory system. So the Trach and perhaps the G Tube would be temporary. Our goal with the Trach and G Tube is again to get her out of the PICU and into rehabilitation immediately. She needs stimulation by all of the Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists and she just can't get that where she is currently at.

Hello from Auntie Jill and Uncle Donny in Minnesota

Hello all! Just to clarify our relationship to Tim and his family, we are an aunt and uncle on Tim's side of the family; sister and brother-in-law to Tim's parents. Jill is one of Tim's Dad's (Paul) sisters. Of course all the relatives in Minnesota have been concerned for all of our family members in Utah. I am so thankful for this blog to keep up to date and keep communication going. Will enter more later. Wanted to get my entry in to ensure I can communicate. Love ya Auntie Jill and Uncle Donny

The Dance Club is heading out to New York City

Tori's dance club is flying to New York City to participate in the 11th Annual NEW YORK CITY DANCE ALLIANCE National Season Finale.

A lot of us would love to be kept updated of your progresses so we can let Tori know how well you are doing!

We hope you have a safe flight and get situated very quickly in NYC.I wish you all the best for the competition and already know you will do GREAT,

PS: Please all take good care of Whitney!

Friday, July 1st - Day 12 update

This morning we met with Tori's team of doctors and nurses and we all agreed upon pursuing a Tracheotomy (Trach) and a Gastrostomy Tube (G Tube). We all felt that even if we attempted the extubation again the possibility of Tori having 100% of upper respitory control was slim and not worth the risk. Tori's lungs are now at 100% of normal and the rest of her internal organs are also working great. We do not want to jeopordize that... She is on NO other medication except for the Keppra which is controlling her occasional twitching (myoclonic seizures). It is time for devotion to the next set of challenges regarding Tori's neurological capabilities.

Having the Trach and G Tube will help us move Tori into full rehabilitation mode more quickly and it will also allow us to be much more efficient during that totally unknown amount of time. Both the Trach and G Tube CAN be removed if Tori improves her gag reflex, swallowing and overall control of her body. Her surgery is targeted for next Tuesday and both the Trach and G Tube will be done while she is under anesthesia. Once the operation is complete it will take an addtional 5-6 days for recovery. At that point, if all is well, she will be ready to leave the PCMC.

Yellow Ribbons

Yellow Ribbons

Here is one of the yellow ribbons worn by all of the girls.

The Dance Club Company Showcase - Thursday, June 30th

Tonight Maria and I went to the Dance Club Company Showcase which is esentially a publically accessable dance recital put on by Tori and Whitney's dance club. The dance teams performed 52 dances which will all be done at the NYC Dance Alliance during July 1st through 10th. Whitney will also be going on the trip and we have enlisted many of the 'dancing moms' to watch over her :-) She will be in great hands!!

There was a sign at the auditorium entrance which was titled "Tori Schmanski - our inspiration" and it contained many pictures of Tori which we hadn't seen before. Maria and I liked it very much and the emotional stage for us tonight was immediately set...

My Best Friend

Hi, my name is Shaid DePalma. I am writting this so everyone can see and understand just how close me and tori were.
Tori and Me used to basically live together, we used to go to school together,we used to have swimming lessons together,we were little partners in crime my mom always says.
Tori and Me basically grew up together. We hungout all the time and went snowboarding and swimming at the pool. We would watch movies and play playstation and shot some pool.
Me and tori talked just about everyday weather it be on msn or the phone or even in person.
We went to lagoon and 7 peaks and even sundance to snowboard.
Everyone PLEASE PRAY FOR TORI she still has a long ways to go and she needs all of them.
Your Grandma always said she thought we were going to get married. haha! funny funny!
I LOVE YOU TORI!!!! you will always be in my heart!
Shaid DePalma