This site is dedicated to Tori and everyone who loves her. It should allow all of us to share our feelings for her and our stories about her. We will also enter all updates on Tori's condition and progress to this site. Please feel free to direct others to this site for information on Tori. We thank all of you greatly for your love, prayers, thoughts and support. -- The Schmanski Family




Tuesday, July 5th - Day 16 update (10pm)

Tim will be posting his update for the day very soon - un-promoting from top of the list.

Update at 10:00pm: Tori is back in her room. The operation seems to have went well.
I am pleased to say that you can again see her beautiful angel face without tubes or tape. What a sight!

She grimaced again tonight while we were in there. It is hard to see her facial expressions like that. We would much rather see her smile of course. That will come in due time. For now, she needs all the support and prayers you can give her. Strength and will, Strength and will.

Update at 6:55pm: They just took Tori in to perform the operation. Good luck sweetheart! Hang in there, it will be over soon and you will be done with that tube in your mouth.

Update at 4pm: Maria and Tim talked to the surgeon and anesthetist again this afternoon. They are only doing localized anesthesia. They feel it doesn't present any danger and therefore are going to do the Trach surgery today at 5:30pm.

Tim wanted all of you to be updated on how Tori's day is playing out.

The surgeon and anesthetist met with Tim and Maria in the morning. They decided to proceed with the surgery (G-Tube and Trach).

Tori was prepared and moved to the Operation Room (OR) around 10:00am. Tim and Maria stepped out of the hospital to place a few phone calls (probably 10-15 minutes). When they stepped back into the lobby, it was pitch black - NO Light - NO Power. They were re-assured that the ORs had un-interrupted power.

A few minutes later, Tori was moved back to the Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The surgeon told Maria and Tim that Tori received a G-Tube successfully but the power outage prevented them from being able to do the Trach.

She is still under anesthesia and will be for a few more hours. Because the second surgery didn't happen, she is going to need to go under anesthesia again. They are not sure when.

School Wake Up..

haha so everymorning me and tori decided to wake eachother up. so we would walk to the bathroom in A hall (becuase our classrooms were like next to eachother) so right as channel one started we would get the hall pass and leave to the bathroom..and just talk!! or sit and play on our cell phones, listen to our ipods, or even go to our lockers and grab snacks and EAT THEM!! oh man! i loved her morning wake ups!! her HUGE most comfortable warming hugs!! i will miss those!! right as she gets better..i am goin to her house and gettin all those hugs that i missed during the year!! tori you are in our prayers..and we all know that you will make it! we have SO much faith!! you are loved TOO much!!

Monday, July 4th - Day 15 update

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! :-)

Tori had another good night of sleep on Sunday and she was again pretty much awake for most of the day today. This morning I also saw her raise her left thigh and leg and place it over her right leg. I don't know if it means anything or not but it was something new. Tori was also awake upon our arrival today and she offered up a couple more smiles behind the big venitlator tube that is still in her mouth. At one point today when she was really in an awake state she was scanning the room with her eyes looking at people, the TV, various other items and she was trying to follow the sounds as we talked to her. Again, we don't really know what she is seeing, hearing or thinking but it sure does appear she is responding in some fashion. One of the Lead PICU Doctors was in the room with us at the time for about 20-30 minutes to see first hand why we still have some hope and faith in Tori. We also acknowledge that the odds and statisitcs against Tori recovering in any fashion are still against us but that will not stop us at this specific point. I also requested of her to try and reduce Tori's Keppra intake since we have not seen anymore Myoclonic seizures. Reducing the Keppra may or may not take away some of Tori's drowsiness. There is only one way to find out.



This Picture was taken in the 8th grade ha ha In it is Chelsea Megan Kallie Nicole Josh and Tori.....I love ya tor!


I would like to join my brother and wish a happy birthday to Tim !!
And also my best wishes on this 4th July.

I Continue to hope and believe in Tori's progress.
Take care of you.


The Dance Club:: Tori's book

Tori's friends spent a lot of time creating a book for themselves and Tori. It was a shame that it was only available for those able to visit the hospital and now the Schmanski's house (well right now it is sitting on my desk).

I took the liberty to unbind the book and scanned every pages of it. It is available at The Dance Club:: Tori's book.

The most difficult part in this, after reading every single page of course, is going to be putting the book back together with knots as nice as before.

A WORD OF CAUTION: The book was authored by the girls with the understanding that Tori's chances of survival were very slim. The content is very moving.

Random quote:
...Tori you are just so amazing. You are just the cutest girl ever! I love how you are just always yourself!...

4th of July 2003

4th of July 2003

This picture was taken exactly 2 years ago on the 4th of July.


Yesterday, of course. But I wasn't going to be the one to put that information out there! Thank you, Guy, for stepping up to the plate and letting everyone know that a special Dad is celebrating another birthday. Tim, if I could give you your birthday wish I would. Since I can't do that, I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love, Auntie Jill and Uncle Donny AND BEST WISHES ON THE 4TH OF JULY!



This was taken on the last day of school...Tori didn't want to be in the picture..who knows why!! So she took it for us! Well babe! We all love you with all of our hearts!! Mmuah!