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Tim I am still here

Tim I want to help any way I can. Please talk to me e-mail and ask anything you want to know. Your family is in my prayer daily. God Bless

China the next step

Tim and family we will be with you on the whole trip and Tori is making a great differance in many brain injury people's life. Tim I can not wait for the up dates you are doing a great thing for Tori and one day she will tell you. Take as many pictures as possibles. Talk to you soon.

Tori Merry christmas

Hey Tim
I can not advise you legally but it will get better. I had a Chinise doctor work with Debbie 3 time a week for 1.5 years and learned too much. Every one has to follow there own path. Tori is with me all the time I can never get her out of my thoughts and your family also it will get better with time I know first hand. From what I read you have some of the best doctors. In china will you be the same place a Michael. Peg tube and baclefin pump you have worked out. I am always with Tori like the air you breath but can not see gods will be done. I can tell you will never need me but I will always be here if you do. Merry Christmas to every one in your family and our prays our with Tori always.

with time it will get better

Tim I can not give advise but with Debbie it took 2 years for the brain injury to peak. I used as many meds needed until brain injury peaked. You will know when this time comes. I am with you and Tori on this issue all the way and you'all are doing great. Jerrall

Alternative Therapy

Tim I took Debbie 3 times a week for acupuncture treatments for 1 ½ years. I found a Doctor from China and she worked with brain injury and stroke patience’s for 12 years before coming to the USA. These treatments reduced tone. Meds could be reduced to prevent atrophy as much as possible. Also they help rewire nerves to limbs from the Brain. A treatment lasted three hours. The doctor worked on Debbie’s tongue for 30 minutes to reduce tone and tremors and this can also help with the voice. Also worked on Debbie’s left eye lid to help it close on its own for 30 minutes. The rest of the time the doctor would put 25 needles in Debbie’s head and at the same time had 30 more needles in both arms and both legs. Then an electric stimulator connected to brain and limbs. This all sounds crazy but we used less meds and tone was reduced and Debbie started to move her toes and fingers again. When I took Debbie for the first time and evaluation was done to see if this could help Debbie the doctor placed one needle in Debbie’s left hand and the doctor twisted it for 30 seconds and Debbie’s fingers went out straight.
Tim with Debbie when the Baclofen was above 500 for over a year it caused atrophy so bad her colon dropped out of her bottom 1”. With Debbie it took 2 years for the brain injury to peak and true recovery could begin. At what point of recovery do meds need to be adjusted only you not the doctor will know.
One last thing I wanted to make sure you know if Tori does not weight bear on her legs the bones will become to brittle with time to ever stand again. With Debbie at first we did the tilt for 6 months before Debbie could use a standing frame. Now Debbie stands 30 minutes. It just takes time.
I can not give advise but if it helps someone knowing about what worked for Debbie I am glad to let this information be public.
Again great new about Tori.

In Our Shoes

Tim I just got access to my lap top today. I think about Tori many times every day. It took Debbie two years to be able to start recovery. I found that too much Baclofen causes muscle lose and works from the waist down. Debbie's arms I use klonopins and Propranolol mixed. I am so glad you keep Tori's website updated. Debbie and I have been in MICU with a cold that can kill her since 7/11/06. In this room it helps to know I am not alone. Thank You and it does get better with time. Tim always know you are not alone also. I wish we could talk some day there is to much I could write and feel if I could help any one in our shoes I would feel like Debbie's life would have a purpose.

If I can help

My wife's injury was 4/4/03 and has alot in commen with Tori. I know more than I want to know about TBI. I keep a journal at if I can help at all let me know. All injury are different but also have alot in common. Debbie can't talk but being with her 24/7 you learn fast. I found with time tone will decrease and if meds don't change atrophy will have a impact on recovery. When Debbie came home still a sleep we used a tilt table. After a year a standing frame was used. I know people that did not weight bear on there legs for years and now there bones are to brittle to stand. Every day Debbie wakes up more and more and with time the brain can heal but when that time comes the muscles still have to be in tact. After 3 years E-Stem is still so important. You are one of the most positive people that I can see by your posts. Time is the answer and it does get better. I would like to put a link on Debbie's page to Tori's page. I know your story can make a differance in other TBI's lifes.

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