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Happy Birthday!

Today, It's you birthday Angel! I know that you are having fun Dancing with the Angels! MISS you like crazy Tor!

Missing Tori Greatly!

Hello everyone! This is Shaid DePalma. Sorry i haven't posted anything in a while Tim and Guy. I usually try to post a little here and there but i have kinda been lazy i guess you could say. hehe!

Anyways, onto Tori!!! As i posted a few weeks ago that it is that time of year to start snowboarding and skiing! well i have been a bunch of times now but still none with tori as by now i usually would have been boarding with her whintey and tim! well everytime i am at sundance i always think of tori! When i go by a place that tori wrecked really hard i would go past and kinda smile and wish that i could justhave her there! She was always one to bring happiness everywhere she went, and i know that sbowboarding was one of them! Tori, Kenzie Morris and I went a few times last year and Kenzie just LOVED how Tori always brought so much life to the Mtn. it always made the day much better! Tori we ALL MISS you GREATLY!!!! you are doing SO GOOD! keep up the good work girl, Your doing it!!!!!

Whitney: I am hoping that we can still get out on the Mtn. and do a little boarding this year you always brought alot of life there too!!!(like running into signs for me and tori) haha Jp whits! your the BEST! see ya soon whit.

well thats all i have for now!

Snowboarding Buddy!

Hello everyone! This is Shaid DePalma. I haven't posted anything in a while because i have been so busy with school and everything else what not. But anyways. It is that time of year again! SNOWBOARDING! But theres one thing missing in all the fun. Thats Tori. Me Tori Tim and Whitney would always go boading and skiing together! Me and Tori would even go in these Huge groups of people, as we all alrady know that Tori has ALOT of friends and of corse they would always be with her. i remeber once there was probably about 12 people snowboarding with us! (most of them were all tori's friends) anywho. I went boarding yesterday for the first time this season and it just felt wierd without Tori there. Yesterday it was Kenzie Morris and I, and last year Kenzie would Board with Tori and I also! I remeber that when they were together i always got good laughs the whole day! some from Tori just being funny and crazy! Some from Tori or kenzie Falling down and just sitting there laughing at how they 'thought' they sucked at snowboarding b/c they would fall once in a while, but they didn't. My most memorable time of snowboarding with Tori, Kenzie, Nate O'gwin, and me was when we were on the back mountain at sundance and we were boarding in some powder through the trees kinda, well good old Tori Fell into a hole type of thing, well it was a tree that she hit and all the snow fell on her head when she hit it and then she was stuck Nate and I tried to pull her out but she was stuck, thats how deep of a hole she was in. haha! well the only way out was to take her board off and walk out! haha funny part about it all is that she couldn't get her board off either so Nate had to reach down a little and take it off for her! It was great! Tori we are going to miss you boarding this year SO MUCH! I know for sure Kenzie always had fun with you! you two got along well! and i know that me and nate are going to miss you falling into tree holes!!!! haha Tori we all miss you and we all love you! we are all still praying for you to get better!'re always with me

This is Julie, but I'm using Shaid's blog.

Tim and maria, I want you to know how much I love and care about you. Your love and dedication to Tori ( Whitney and Brendan ) is absolutely incredible. It takes more than courage, more than strength to do what you are doing. It must take everything you have and some days I don't know how you keep going, but you do.
Whitney, my brave little angel. You, my dear, have the most beautiful heart and Tori is so lucky to have for a sister. I am so proud of you and I love you so much.
Brendan, you are the breath of fresh air your family needs. Keep smilin' budddy!
Paul and Sandy, Hands down, you're the best grandparents and parents in the world! Well actually Tim, Maria and the two of you have won about 90 gold medals in the parent department right now. I really don't know what Tim and Maria would do without you.
Sophie and Guy, I don't think Tim and Maria could have two friends better than the two of you. Your true love and support surely did not go unnoticed by anyone. You two are awesome! We can't wait until you get back!
To all of Tori's wonderful friends, you guys are the best!!!! Your faith in Tori is so touching.
Shaid and Arielle, I want you both to know how much I love you and how proud I am of you. I've watched you both from the begining of Tori's ordeal and I have seen how much pain it's put you in. I know how much Tori means to both of you and how much you love her. I love you both so much.
Tori....I miss you so much everyday. It seems like at least twice a day or more, I find myself looking back on your life on all the events that got you to this point. Sometimes I still cry and it's like I go through your life like it's a movie in my mind. It really gives me comfort to look into your eye's and know you see me and know it's me. Tori, you are so strong and continue to amaze me. I love you so much and I'm so glad you've been such a huge part of mine and my families life.
With love always, Jul

Guy & Sophie!

Hello everyone this is Shaid DePalma again!
By now i think we all know that Guy and Sophie have been away for some time(almost a month i think) I know I miss them greatly. and i know Tori does too! Guy and Sophie are the biggest help when they are around. They try to make it up to see tori every single day and i think they usually do! Thanks You Two!!!

Now Tim and Maria don't get mad at me for saying this but.. (this is just to show HOW MUCH HELP AND HOW MUCH GUY AND SOPHIE do for Tim and Maria) ..Tim and Maria kinda seemed a little lost without Guy and Sophie, to tell you the truth I seemed a little lost, Guy would always fill me on one the little details the stuff i was confused about when he was at work (on msn) ;-) !!! and now when he is on he trys to talk but i know he is so much more busy trying to catch up on work and get the things done he needs to get done so he can get back to see tori! so next time any of you see guy or sophie or talk to one of them on the internet or something, it might be nice to just give a little thanks! After all without Guy this website might not have been here but i am not sure... Thank you VERY VERY much Guy and Sophie!!! (oh i forgot to mention they both take turns spending nights with tori also!) which is very dedicated! thanks you two!

Also i would like to thank Tim and Maria and give them as much support as i possibly can, they both have always meant alot to me! I kinda always looked at them as my 2nd mom and dad;-) and i think it was the same way with tori and my parents! hang in there guys things will get better!

~Shaid S. DePalma

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