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We are going down the same road.

I want you to know that our family has been in prayer for yours from the beginning. We also have a beautiful child injured 2005 December 10. Brooke a cheerleader and member of her highschool swimteam was a passenger in a car on the way to a family pizza party. The car hit a patch of blackice and slammed into a huge oaktree. Like Tori her brain suffered intense trama. The doctors gave her little hope for survival, and none for recovery. But God is greater than any physican. Brooke came home,still in a coma. Her parents built a hospital room in their home and continued to care for her. She opered her eyes March 2006,and like Tori has been making very slow but steady progress.
Brooke is now 17 and this weekend will be traveling to San Diego to recieve adult stemcell injections programmed fof the brain. As we continue to follow Tori and pray for her we ask for prayer also.

Brooke's Nana (Annette)

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