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Stem cell therapy in China / prayers

hi Tori , Family

Happy Late Birthday Tori ...
hope you had a wonderful birthday .
dont know if you remember me , im Miranda mom's , she suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident .
Miranda will be 16 on Oct 27th .
we are going to Hanghzou China for Stem Cells , bone marrow on Oct 3rd , which is the anniversary of Miranda's accident .
anything you can tell us about the hospital and the stores , the people would be greatly apprecated .
we also beleive in Miracles , Miranda needs one too.
GOD has also truely blessed us , miranda is awsome , beautiful , smart ...
but very frustrated , and stubburn too.

oh , Miranda has a cat named " mr.Kitty that looks just like your cat . i would like it if you would please e-mail me @

im praying for Tori , we are proud of you girl!

GOD bless
Melissa Bowen >Blessed mom to Miranda

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