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Sending our ongoing prayers

Hi again,
So glad the website got fixed. I was unable to post for sooo long. I want you to know that I continue to check in on all of you. I feel as though you are friends even though we've never met or even spoken. I continue to pray for Tori and your family. In reading your last update, it sounded very much like what another family was going through, the sudden flu with no one else sick. Only their's was much worse. It took about 4 weeks (and 4 hospitals )to determine that he was actually having baclofen withdrawal. Something to do with the refill of the pump and type of medication that doctor used. I was just wondering if you had heard or know what to watch for in baclofen withdrawal. It got by some of our best doctors for weeks here, looking like a virus then autonoumic dysfunction then anxiety then infection.

Anyways, visit www.prayforcade.bravehost.com for more info.

And with that, I send my love and prayers for all of you, especially your beautiful Tori. May God bless and hold her tight in His incredible comforting love.

Diana Palumbo www.pray4samantha.com

P.S. Did you ever check into Germany where they use the persons own stem cells? http://www.xcell-center.com/index.asp
Sounding kind of interesting to me......

sending our love to your beautiful daughter


Just a quick note to send our love and prayers your way. I'm praying that Tori is doing okay and that you've just been too busy to post a new update in a while. I have to admit, I get a little worried when a lot of time has passed in between updates. Tori grabbed my heart from the moment I read her story in 2006 and she is with me and in my prayers all the time.

Love and positive thoughts for all of you,

in His love,
Diana Palumbo

Tori is in my heart.

Hi, Thanks for the update. I check daily and get disappointed when there isn't a new update. I UNDERSTAND though really and don't expect anything. It's just that Tori and your family has a place in my heart and I like knowing how things are going for her. I keep praying that I'll read about more and more awareness and progress. I want that so badly for all of you. Us really. All of us dealing with brain injury and our hurt children. I watched the video this morning and was quietly taking in your beautiful daughter and her smiles. She is a beautiful girl. I'll continue praying, Tim. God will see us through.
in His love,
Diana Palumbo

Still Praying

Hi Tim,

Finally had a few minutes to send a note. I check your website daily, sometimes twice a day. Your family has captured my heart and are in my daily prayers. THANKS for all the updates. I loved hearing what was going on in China and of course, was learning from you for possibly treating Samantha with stem cells also. I'm considering going to the Dominican Republic for fetal stem cells with an American Doctor from Malibu. My friend with a 15 year old with severe TBI just got back. Also, have to comment on my reaction to Bob Woodruff. Saw him and his wife on Oprah on Tuesday and was in complete amazement that he is sooooo back to normal in every visible way. If he has any lasting memory or cognition issues, it sure doesn't show. In watching, of course I too related to every detail they shared about those days in ICU and coma and didn't realize that I was re-living it inside. And then the HUGE disappointment flooded me that Samantha didn't open her eyes one day and say, "Hey Mom where have you been?" like he did to his wife. His recovery was exactly what I wanted for my daughter and was deeply hoping for every minute of our journey. To see how it actually could have happened for us totally overwhelmed me. I had the biggest meltdown I've had since Sami's accident in April 2005.
After I pulled myself out of my sorrow pit somewhat, (still trying to get back in control emotionally), I feel excited that we have someone who will bring TBI to the forefront of the news. Public awareness will help us all so much.

Well, primarily wanted to just say hello and thank you for the excellent and detailed updates that I, for one, am learning from and that help keep Tori in my heart and prayers.

in His love,

Diana Palumbo...Samantha's mom

Our prayers are with you

Sending our thoughts and pryaers as you get ready to travel to China. Best of luck in your traveling and for Tori's progress and treatment. You all are an amazing family with great love and Where there is great love, miracles happen!
in His love,
Diana Palumbo

Hello again

Just a quick note to say hello again and that I'll say some extra prayers for Tori to find comfort and ease whatever pain she's having. You all have a beautiful daughter and I find myself staring at her pictures just feeling sooo much emotion for her and you, her parents. I understand so much of what you're feeling, especially the desperate search for any and all treatment possibilities. It's a daily thing for me for Samantha. Have you ever heard of the study using Amantadine to help those that are listed in the minimally conscious state? I believe it was the key factor that helped Samantha break through when she was not yet doing any real purposeful movements or following commands. I know our daughters injuries are different, each brain injury is so individual, but this medication is under Federal study so it had to pass a number of preliminary tests first. Another mom told me recently that she felt Amantadine was the deciding factor for her daughter who was over a year post injury and on 35 different med's at one time. I'll be glad to email you the info if you haven't heard of it and are interested in checking it out.
May God have Tori & Samantha in His healing hands right now.
In His love, Diana Palumbo

Strangers praying for you Tori

Hi Tori and family,
I came across your website this past summer and have continued to follow your progress on a weekly basis. Tori...you are a beautiful and loved girl. By your family and friends and also an awesome God who will never foresake or leave you. You remind me a lot of my own daughter, Samantha who is recovering from tramatic brain injury after a catastrophic car accident 4-8-05. It has been a journey of fear & faith, sadness & miracles. My heart is with you young girls who have such a struggle and amaze all of us around you as you progress and evolve. Well, I just wanted you to know that I pray for your continued improvement and am checking your website regularly. Your dad has given me idea's of things to look into for Samantha too. in His love, Diana Palumbo www.pray4samantha.com

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